Worker’s Compensation

Obtaining Full Work Injury Recovery and Workers’ Compensation

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Your employer and your insurance company will appear to be your friends and have concern for your full recovery if you are injured on the job. However, behind the scenes, each of them is more concerned with their potential liabilities and protecting their own financial interests. The insurance company will tell you that you have to see a doctor of its choosing while your employer will attempt to shift fault for the injury to you or another party.

Legal representation from a work injury lawyer is vital to your best possible outcome and getting back on your feet. Even noncitizens and undocumented immigrants may seek injury compensation through a legal claim.

Work injuries can be career-ending, financially straining, emotionally stressful and physically agonizing. It is important to ensure that you have a highly motivated and skilled advocate representing your best interests.

Take Action and Consult an Attorney As Soon As Possible

All work injury cases have very short statutes of limitations, which means that you have a small time frame in which you may take legal action to pursue the full and fair compensation you deserve. The scene must be investigated and documented, and witness testimony must be collected while it is fresh. Don’t delay, call our firm today!

At Law Office of Thomas & Thomas LLC, we handle all legal aspects of your case. We will guide you swiftly through the workers’ compensation insurance process, or we will help you seek maximum compensation through an injury claim against a third party who is responsible for your injury.

Located in New York and New Jersey, we represent injured workers and their families in those states. Whether you were injured on a construction site, in a warehouse, at the office or in a car accident while on the job, we can help you today.

What Rights Do You Have in the Case of a Work Injury That You Should Know About Now?

• You have the right to legal representation, and you should exercise that right.
• You may seek an independent medical exam (IME) from an impartial doctor rather than relying on the opinion of the physician chosen by the workers’ compensation insurance company.
• You are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits even if the accident that caused your injury was your fault.
• You may sue a third party who is responsible for your injury.
o Third parties might be parts manufacturers, tool makers, contractors or service providers other than your employer.

What Benefits May You Seek?

You may seek compensation whether you have sustained a back injury, head injury, burn injury, or a repetitive stress injury, such as carpal tunnel or shoulder injury.

Compensation available through workers’ compensation insurance will include:

• Lost income or wages
• Medical expenses
• Vocational rehabilitation/job retraining
• Wrongful death benefits

Maximum compensation from a personal work injury claim (third-party claim) may include past, present and future:

• Medical expenses
• Lost wages and reduced earning capacity
• Pain and suffering
• Property damage
• Long-term care and disability
• Wrongful death benefits

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