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Article 91 Essay Mental Analysis Of Movie Girl Interrupted

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Mental Analysis of Movie “Girl Interrupted”

Updated on October 3, 2014 Alli Rose Cruz moreContact Author The film Girl, Interrupted is definitely an ardent film that captures the lives of several women inside a mental institution. When first watching this movie, one will get a feeling this particular mental institution saw mental patients to be incurable, their experimental approach with more than medicating the patients with anti-psychotic medication. This critique will feel the review of the show, along with the mental health problems from the figures, and possible treatments.

The primary character and narrator of the film is Susanna.

This character was initially given to a household friend and ex-counselor to go over Susanna apparent suicide attempt Susanna had a container of aspirin having a bottle of vodka. The counselor manipulated her in volunteering to commit herself towards the Mental Hospital, while he believed it might be perfect for “everyone involved”.

Upon arrival towards the prison-like institution, she was met having a hostile, narcissistic, lady named Lisa, who is also the best choice from the clique of patients. Lisa may be the other primary character within the story, who’s constantly trying and succeeding at getting away. Over the past area of the film, Susanna and Lisa made the decision to hightail it to Florida they desired to work full-time as Cinderella and Snow White-colored at Walt Disney World.

In order to Florida, they choose to go to a friend who had been prematurely release who’d her very own apartment. Lisa got inside a grapple with the unstable friend who hung herself. Lisa made the decision to operate so she will not have to return to a healthcare facility, but Susanna remained and known as 911.

Once she came back to Claymoore she made the decision to show her stay around, to make use of the machine to obtain better. She began speaking towards the therapists being honest and frank, and seeking to “cure” her borderline personality disorder. After 18 several weeks in the hospital, she was launched upon the problem she’d receive weekly therapy in the institution.

Susanna Susanna was diagnosed through the psychiatrists in the hospital with Borderline Personality Disorder. Based on the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM-IV), under diagnostic criteria 301.83- Borderline Personality Disorder, this issue is characterised by unstable thoughts, increased impulses, self images, and relationship.

Interestingly, the DSM IV mentions this disorder is generally diagnosed at the begining of their adult years Susanna Susanna is 18 years old when she admits herself to the institution. I To ensure that Susanna to become identified as having borderline personality disorder, she will have to display five contexts from the stated disorder. The first that they displayed was (1) frantic efforts to prevent real or imagine abandonment (2007).

In center of the film, Lisa, her sociopath best-friend was moved to a new ward after drugging a nurse to be able to escape Susanna trough a frantic fit demanding to understand where she was. She am worried she was “all that they had left”. Susanna appeared as if she was getting a rest lower, anxiety about being abandonment. Underneath the second criteria, (2) a design of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterised by alternating by extremes of idealization and devaluation (2007), this summarized Susanna’s whole relationship with Lisa. Susanna idealized how “free” Lisa was, how she did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, without feeling guilty, or caring exactly what the social system considered her. The 3rd criteria is perfect for the individual to get a (3) identity disturbance (2007).

You could state that Susanna experienced large identity disturbance throughout this film, if however was very apparent when she is at the er. After Susanna had ingested the bottle of aspirins adopted with a bottle of vodka, she stored telling the doctors the bones in hands had disappeared. When she what food was in the household counselor, she described our physiques weren’t required to be limited to earthly psychics, the bones in her own hands had disappeared, however when she what food was in the er they reappeared.

Susanna skips the 4th and fifth qualifying criterion, since the suicide attempt would be a single occurrence, as opposed to a recurrent number of episodes. Underneath the sixth criteria, (6) affective instability as a result of marked reactivity of mood (2007), Susanna experienced severe moodiness through the movie.

She’d be pleased with Lisa and yet another patients one moment, compared to next incredible anxious and depressed then next. Her mood patter was unstable, and unpredictable.

Throughout this movie, it had been difficult to decipher if Susanna had borderline personality disorder, is she’d depression, or both. She was constantly despondent and depressed, possibly the reason she tried to commit suicide. Due to this symptom, she fulfills qualifying criterion (7) chronic feelings of avoid (2007).Susanna Susanna satisfied the required criteria prescribed through the DSM-IV, criteria: one, two, three, six, and 7.


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I understand the article also it explains the film pretty clearly. However I battled using the typos and grammatical errors.

Only a heads-up that some proof studying might help you later on.

Thanks Digital rebel!

Gilbert Arevalo three years ago from Hacienda Heights, California

“Girl Interrupted” is among my personal favorite movies. Nice psychological research.

Glad you want it, Teaches12345!

Dianna Mendez three years ago

Just review. I’m always searching for other thoughts about flicks so will be able to compare my ideas.

It is a great movie!

Victor W. Kwok three years ago from Hawaii

This is a great movie analysis, Alli! Maybe I’ll take a look basically ever encounter it.

AuthorAlli Rose Cruz three years ago from Washington, Electricity

It’s avoid movie, and it also has Julia Roberts inside it. So guys enjoy it. But, it is a good movie, simply with its plot. Thanks, Goatfury.

Andrew Cruz three years ago from Richmond, Veterans administration

I have really never witnessed “Girl, Interrupted”, however I may need to see it.

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